The Most Wonderful Times of the Year
Dr. Ed Delph

The Most Wonderful Times of the Year

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You Can Go Forward By Looking Back

Reflecting on your memories of the wonderful times of the year can clear the haze surrounding your future. You find your bearings and direction. Like a person rowing a boat forward by looking backwards, you keep your forward direction on course by looking at the landmarks and memorials behind you.

This book is a compilation of Dr. Ed Delph's thoughts about New Year's, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Dr. Delph had captured the "out with the old" and the new start of a New Year ... the glorious triumph of Jesus Christ rising from the dead against the backdrop of spring and flowers at Easter ... the tenderness of and thankfulness to mothers who care, nurture and give on Mother's Day ... the strength of fathers who provide guidance and release destiny on Father's Day ... the thankfulness that we so desperately need to give to God for our family and blessings ... and last but not least the awe and wonder of a silent night, holy night at Christmas.

Mind you, many of these thoughts are not your normal thoughts on holidays. Many times Dr. Delph gives the story behind the story in a humorous, creative, clarion or unexpected way.

And, if your holiday memories aren't so good, these thoughts can help you to go forward and pioneer a new legacy and a better future for those after you. Create your own most wonderful times of the year so your loved ones can reflect on their most wonderful times of the year.