Leaving the Wilderness Behind - Lessons from the Life of Caleb
Kameel Majdali

Leaving the Wilderness Behind - Lessons from the Life of Caleb

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The wilderness.

A nice place to visit but a dreadful place to live.

It is only meant to be a pathway to cross, a temporary refuge, or a place of meditation. But for many it has become a death trap, a place of unintentional permanent residency. In the wilderness, promises are never fulfilled, prospects are dashed, and futility and frustration eclipse fruitfulness and fulfillment.

Just as the children of Israel in the days of Moses were waylaid en route to the promised land, so many people find their future destroyed in the wilderness. Only the chosen minority ever make it out of the sand pit and up the mountain top.

In Leaving the Wilderness Behind, Kameel Majdali uses the inspiring Biblical narrative of the life of Caleb to show you:

  • What is the wilderness?
  • How do people get stranded there?
  • Steps to moral purity;
  • The way to get out of the wilderness - for good- in order to reach the land of promise.
Leaving the Wilderness Behind is your passport and visa from the desert of defeat to the land of milk and honey. Great joy and victory await all those who make it.