Bless by the Blood
Samuel M. Ebenezer

Bless by the Blood

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Blessed by the Blood is an insightful and in-depth study of what the blood of Christ means in our lives today. Samuel M. Ebenezer explains and expounds on the significance of the blood of Jesus before, during, and after the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Each of the 30 revelations gives thoughtful reflections on how the sacrifice of Jesus' blood represented the fulfillment of the Old Covenant and ushered in the New Covenant.

Based in Scripture and intertwined with real-life stories, Blessed by the Blood shows how the blood of Jesus has ministered to people and changed lives. Samuel M. Ebenezer' revelations about the blood of Christ and the impact it has in our lives today will help you :

  • Understand the significance of Jesus' blood and apply it to your life.
  • Reflect on the power and blessings available to you through God.
  • Learn how God's forgiveness and grace protect and provide for you.