At the Door : Key Nations, Last Days & The Coming King
Kameel Majdali

At the Door : Key Nations, Last Days & The Coming King

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A great seismic shift is shaking our world today. The Arab nations are undergoing a 'spring' (revolution), which is forever changing the face of the Middle East. Great financial tremours are rocking the Euro-zone, the United States, and the global economy. Geopolitical 'hotspots,' mostly in Asia and the Middle East, are creeping towards flashpoint. Pressure builds on the family unit and attempts to redefine marriage continue unabated. Everywhere we look, the nations are becoming restless.

No question about it: our world is in mega-transition. Change and challenge among the nations is becoming routine. The world we were born in is gone; the world of tomorrow is at the threshold. What is the meaning of it all? Does it have prophetic significance?

In At The Door, K. Majdali focuses on key nations, mostly in the Middle East, to give insight on the future. In this handy volume, you will learn:

  • Why Egypt, Israel, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey are key countries to watch in the future;
  • What will happen to the European Union;
  • What the Bible says about these nations; 
  • Why the tumult among the nations is set to increase;
  • What link do all these things have with Biblical prophecy and the second coming of Christ.
Like the 'children of Issachar,' this book will help you understand the times so you will know what you need to do (I Chronicles 12:32). As you 'watch and pray,' you will discover that all these global events mean that the footsteps of the Messiah are 'at the door'. Not only is the Messiah at the door -- He is rthe Door (John 10:7)