A Loud Voice In A Quiet Place
Zac Loh

A Loud Voice In A Quiet Place

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THE FRONT COVER PICTURE was inspired by a mission trip many years ago. I was in heavy financial debts. but I took the challenge to take part in the team ministering to a village church near the very top of Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

One afternoon, I decided to take a walk to a waterfall. I stood on a rock right in front of the waterfall. With the roaring sound, I prayed in the unknown tongues with all my heart, soul and being. At that moment, my life problems disappeared from my mind. Suddenly, I found that the sound of the unknown tongues coming out from my lips synchronized with the roaring sound of the waterfall. I found myself being one with the trees and the sky. I was being one with God's creation - and being one with God.

That evening, the anointing of God descended upon me so real and tangibly. The entire congregation was slain by the Holy Spirit. And this happened to and indigenous people whose traditional background says that falling backwards was an omen of death. I now know that when we fall by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are at one with the death of Christ. And when we rise-up from the floor, we are one with the resurrection of Christ.

When we stand on the rock of Christ in prayer, the Holy Spirit will come upon us like a waterfall. When the foundation of our prayer life is the words of Christ, the anointing of Go will fall upon us with power.

In this book, you will rediscover:

  • The revelation of the Father's love in your heart which will literally transform you - you will never ever be the same again!
  • A deeper and closer relationship with God - more than you think possible, more than you've experienced before!
  • Total freedom: financial freedom; freedom from hurt, guilt and bitterness; and freedom from sin.
  • Humility and victory - you will come into prayer with a heart posture of kneeling, and walk out from prayer in triumph exercising great authority over your circumstances and situations.