A Grieving Heart is Most Loved
Dr. Li Sze Chow

A Grieving Heart is Most Loved

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"A Grieving Heart is Most Loved" by Li Sze Chow is a powerful heart rendering testimony of a woman's indomitable fighting spirit and her faith in God. Li Sze reveals her most vulnerable moments; sharing her grief and despair, and also her joy and love. She shared her life, children, families, and friends with us in a most intimate way. I was very moved by reading this book."

Li Sze Chow recognizes Jesus in the darkest hours of despair, loss, and grief. She has found her strength in the Lord in every situation. So don't be surprised with the painful trials of her suffering in her life. Her faith in the Lord has enabled her to walk through and walk out of the valley of the shadow of death, suffering, and disappointment. As a single mother on her own, her perseverance, determination and commitment in fighting for the life of her children is not only commendable, but will encourage everyone of you that read it.

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