The Chess Chronicles - The Church That God Intended
Wilson Ng

The Chess Chronicles - The Church That God Intended

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The purpose of this book is to bring out some correlation between the classic game of chess and the basic principles from God's perspective. It will present some ideas to leaders both in the marketplace, in the reorganization of church and and ministry. It will reinforce God's eternal purpose and His relationship with man (His Church).

This book is not intended to give a theological view of the various methods and ideas presented, but rather its aim is to outline certain principles that can be used, to bring order to the confusion that may excise in God's community of believers those in the church, in business organizations, in families as well as individuals. Additionally, it will show that strategic planning, teamwork, identity and organizational concepts are God's ideas.

To make this book both interesting and challenging, I have broken many of the rules known to writers and authors. However, if I succeed, then my approach not only serves its purpose, but also speaks with knowledge of things spiritual and physical, to the mature audience of the church.