Prophetic Marriages - And Other Covenants in God's Plans For The Nations
Steve Ogan

Prophetic Marriages - And Other Covenants in God's Plans For The Nations

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Have you considered why God brought you and your spouse together in marriage, beyond the basic understanding that you love each other?

There is a deeper dimension to your marriage. There is a greater glory to your relationship. A prophetic marriage is a relationship with a specific vision - one that brings you closer to each other and to your heavenly Father.

Prophetic marriages are not about receiving a word of prophecy concerning who to marry or who not to marry. On the contrary, prophetic marriages are Kingdom-based marital relationships that God intends to use to solve individual, institutional, and national problems.

Prophetic Marriages highlights thought-provoking and motivating issues including:

  • The power of prophetic singlehood.
  • God's covenant with widows.
  • The perfect partnership of marriage and ministry.
  • Covenant with your homeland and other lands.
  • Cross-cultural marriages.
  • Couples on a mission.
  • The ultimate prophetic marriage.

You will learn how prophetic marriage and prophetic singlehood are exciting vehicles for fulfilling your life's assignment! Biblically sound with modern-day examples which present fresh insights from a Kingdom perspective about how truly wonderful marriage and family life can be.