Ten Trends: Why Our World Is Changing Forever
Kameel Majdali

Ten Trends: Why Our World Is Changing Forever

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No question about it: the world you born in is gone, the world of the future is still coming into focus. Change and challenge are everywhere, but so is unprecedented opportunity.

How can we understand, and navigate, through such times? How can we survive and succeed in the days ahead?

In TEN TRENDS: How our World is Changing Forever, you will understand the following:

  1. What are the 10 trends that are transforming our world;
  2. What is Bible prophecy and why is it important;
  3. How you can face the future with confidence;
  4. What kind of positive and powerful response can we give in light of these trends?
Consider this book as an 'early-warning service' to prepare you for a brighter path (Proverbs 4:18).