Rivers of Living Water : the Holy Spirit Today
Kameel Majdali

Rivers of Living Water : the Holy Spirit Today

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He is the epicentre of the greatest revival in church history. The flame, which was ignited in 1906, affects 700 million people, and is still going strong today. According to current estimates, another one billion people could be added to the Christian Church in only one decade. All this is gloriously possible through the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.


The Pentecostal revival has brought much needed attention to the Third Person of the Godhead. In Rivers of Living Water, Kameel Majdali will introduce you to one of the most important subjects ever.


Among other things, you will learn that:

1. The Holy Spirit is an Honourable and Glorious Diving Person;

2. He does a twofold work in the believer: born of the spirit, Baptized in the Spirit;

3. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is a great necessity that pays manifold blessing to the individual, the church, and the world;

4. Speaking in tongues, spiritual gifts, prophecy, and healing are for today;

5. Entering into a 'Spirit-filled' lifestyle is easier than you think -- much easier.


Solidly Biblical and intensely practical, Rivers of Living Water will help you encounter the Holy Spirit in a fresh and vibrant way. Every day can be Pentecost Day' as you p[en up within and allow the Spirit to cause 'rivers of living water' to flow from you.