The Testimony of Jesus
Dr. Timothy Sng

The Testimony of Jesus

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"The Testimony of Jesus" is about testimonies encountered in my life as a Christian. Revelation 19:10 declares that "The Testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." Thus, when testimonies are shared from one believer's heart, it releases the spirit of prophecy to activate and inspire the hearer with the prophetic word that Jesus can work miracles for you too, today.

Dr Timothy Sng shares his life experiences in personal testimonies, spread over nearly four decades, from amazing cases of healing and awakening from coma, to miraculous personal escape from near death and potentially fatal accidents, to vivid dreams where the LORD was present, glorifying God in over 100 fascinating stories.

He believes fervently that these amazing miracles are the privilege and right of every child of God, as Jesus said in John 14:12, that "you will do greater things" than He did. The timeliness, specificity and coincidental occurrence of many of these incidents all point a Living God, as "all things are possible with God."

Be edified and inspired as you read, and you will begin to work miracles in your life, because ultimately, Jesus is the key, and center of it all.