The Salvation Package - and it's Free for You
Dr. Timothy Sng

The Salvation Package - and it's Free for You

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Everyone loves a freebie; and there are indeed many things in this world that are for free. The internet and the smartphones have access to so many free things in the world that few are willing to pay for anything on the internet these days. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is free too. However, while we assume that everything is free, someone has already paid the price for you. So too is this "Salvation Package" -  Jesus paid the price for all humanity, when He laid down His life on the Cross and shed His Blood for the redemption of the sins of mankind.

This amazing "Salvation Package" is like a treasure box, with many layers of blessings for in it are exciting and wonderful gifts for you to discover personally. As you grow in your capacity to receive, The LORD will release to you, step by step and in stages as you open your heart, mind and soul to the "Lover of your soul."

The Salvation Package has the power to save, power to heal and deliver, and empowers you to perform miracles in your daily life, as you grow in the Word of God, and receive the many awesome gifts from the Spirit of God.