Dr. Ed Delph


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You will never view your community in the same way again!

The Holy Spirit is up to something . . . transforming your church to serve God by serving the community. The Holy Spirit is moving in an exciting way - from church-centric, where the community exists for the church to community-centric, where the church exists for the community's benefit.

Discover from Dr. Delph's unique inside view how:

      @ Churches work with other community spheres of influence to transform the community.

      @ Church leaders of today are becoming equipped to be community leaders of tomorrow.

      @ Strongholds of opportunity exist in your community . . . learn to take hold of them!

Dr. Delph's book is not about "church as usual," but rather, church, as God is directing it-by the Holy Spirit.

Experience firsthand from Dr. Delph how powerfully God is moving through His church -to reach, serve, and transform the community. Be part of the exciting transformations - and watch for your own life to be blessed and transformed